Uchuu Data Release Papers:
If you use Uchuu data products please cite the following data release papers (and consider adding this text to the acknowledgement section of your papers).

1. The Uchuu Simulations: Data Release 1 and Dark Matter Halo Concentrations by Ishiyama, T., Prada, F., Klypin, A., et al. (2021)
2. Uchuu-nu2GCC galaxies and AGN: Cosmic variance forecasts of high-redshift AGN for JWST, Euclid, and LSST by Oogi, T., Ishiyama, T., Prada, F. et al. (2022)
3. Uchuu-SDSS galaxy lightcones: a clustering, RSD and BAO study by Dong-Páez, CA., et al. (2022)
4. The Uchuu-UniverseMachine dataset: Galaxies in and around Cluster by Aung, H., et al. (2022)

Publications using Uchuu:
We list below all papers found in ADS which have made a direct use of the Uchuu products.

1. CONCERTO: Simulating the CO, [CII], and [CI] line emission of galaxies in a 117 deg2 field and the impact of field-to-field variance by Gkogkou, A., et al. (2023)
2. On the statistical relation between the halo mass function and the internal structure of dark matter haloes by Richardson, T. R. G.; Corasaniti, P. -S. (2023)
3. Constraining Cosmological Parameters using the Cluster Mass-Richness Relation by Abdullah, M. et al., (2023)
The Local Group's mass: probably no more than the sum of its parts by Sawala, T. et al. (2023)
LCDM halo substructure properties revealed with high resolution and large volume cosmological simulations by Moliné, A. et al. (2023)
Timing the last major merger of galaxy clusters with large halo sparsity by Richardson, T. & Corasaniti, P.-S. (2022)
Inferring dark matter halo properties for HI-selected galaxies by Yasin, T. et al. (2022)
The Dynamical Mass of the Coma Cluster from Deep Learning by Ho, M. et al. (2022)
Semi-analytical frameworks for subhalos from the smallest to the largest scale by Hiroshima, N. et al. (2022)
The Aemulus Project V: Cosmological constraint from small-scale clustering of BOSS galaxies by Zhai, Z. et al, (2022)
The completed SDSS-IV extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey: measurement of the growth rate of structure from the small-scale clustering of the luminous red galaxy sample by Chapman, M. et al. (2022)
Effect of the cosmological transition to metal-enriched star-formation on the hydrogen 21-cm signal by Magg, M. et al. (2022)