Uchuu Standard Download Speed

In case your UDP/TCP ports do not allow you to use Aspera we also offer to download the data through the Skies & Universes browser,

For massive download you want to use wget . This is an example to download all Uchuu 'M200c1e12' catalogues at z=0 (Uchuu halos with M200c > 1e12 Msun/h):

$ wget "ftp://skun.iaa.es/SUsimulations/UchuuDR1/Uchuu/RockstarExtendedM200c1e12/halodir_050/

Below another example to download alll Uchuu-SDSS galaxy lightcones (and randoms):

$ wget "ftp://skun.iaa.es/SUsimulations/UchuuDR2/Uchuu_SDSS/uchuusdss_lightcones/*"